14 Oct 2020

A day in the life of Tshilidzi Nevhufumba, HEPSA Student Success Coordinator

We caught up with Tshilidzi who works with students to guide them to success.

When did you join HEPSA?
I joined HEPSA in January 2018.


What is it you do every day?
Every day I ensure that I connect with students. We can either connect via emails or phone. Overall, my job is to be a good confidant to students. I ensure that they are comfortable with studying online and are aware of the avenues in place to support them. I guide students on how to operate the various learning management systems (LMS) and assist the student with time management skills and how to be successful while studying online.


How do you start your workday?
My day starts with prayer and then I draft out a plan for the day. My first work task is always attending to emails.


In what ways do you support your students?
LMS: I assist students in becoming familiar with and navigating the learning management system.
Time management: I advise students on how best to manage their time while studying online.
Study tips: I help the students to find study tips that work for them.
Administration: I assist the student with any admin they need help with, and this includes helping them through the registration process so they don’t have that added stress.Studying online can be challenging, so we become their study partner throughout the programme.


What is the most challenging part of your day?
The most challenging part about my job is that some days we are required to be a counsellor to our students. We are trained to assist the student with their schoolwork, but some days students have personal challenges and the only person that they can talk to is one of us. As a student success coordinator, I must always be available to support students in any way they need me to.


What is the most rewarding part of your day?
Three aspects that make work rewarding for me, are:
Firstly – When a student who started a programme with very limited computer skills finally manages to operate the LMS.
Secondly – When a student passes the very same module that they were saying was “too difficult”.
And lastly – When a student completes the programme.


How many students do you support in total?
I currently work with about 750 students, they are at various stages of their 8-week sessions. Our more mature students require less contact than our new students.


How do you end your workday?
I am a very happy person in general and my day always ends with a smile.
My last work task will be to ensure that all my queries are resolved and all my emails have been attended to.

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