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The Johannesburg Business School (JBS) has taken its first MBA fully online, with the first intake of candidates to start their online journey in January 2021.

The contact version of the programme launched at the beginning of 2020 with such great success and demand, that the online version’s start follows only a year later.

HEP Africa's Academic Services team worked closely with the JBS to adapt the curriculum and structure of the programme to make it practical and feasible for an online format. The MBA can be completed in two years on a part-time basis and candidates enrol for two modules at a time.

The “MBA like no other” aims to equip its candidates to grow and scale small- and medium-sized businesses and moves away from the more traditional format that is designed to help candidates climb the corporate ladder.

To do this, UJ makes use of an applied learning approach which includes debate, dialogue and experiential learning, bringing real-life challenges and dilemmas to the classroom to solve.

The candidates are also exposed to an international network and have regular sessions with a business coach.

Another reason why this MBA is so different is that candidates don’t need to write a research report. This final part of the programme consists of a Capstone Consultancy Project which sees candidates identify a business dilemma – preferably in their own business. They will conduct a literature review on the identified dilemma, investigate the dilemma, and propose a solution. Each candidate is assigned a supervisor for this part of the MBA.

HEP Africa is excited to be on this journey with the MBA staff and candidates.

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